Fans of Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce eager to uncover the future of the couple’s relationship have Jason Sudeikis to thank for stirring the pot.

Kelce appeared alongside Sudeikis and comedians Robert Smigel and George Wendt during a comedic sketch at the Big Slick Celebrity Weekend charity event in Kansas City, Missouri. Social media videos captured the scene, with the three comedians dressed as fervent sports fans. Smigel and Wendt humorously suggested that Kelce should ask Swift to finance a new football stadium for the Kansas City Chiefs, jesting that “a few hundred million to Taylor is like the cost of four concert tickets.”

Kelce, caught off guard, replied, “She just got to Kansas City, boys. Jesus!” But the situation only grew more uncomfortable. In full costume, complete with a fake mustache, Sudeikis pressed Kelce with a question he likely wanted to avoid. “Travis, real talk, okay, just the guys here,” the “Ted Lasso” star began, peering over his sunglasses and raising his eyebrows.

“When are you going to make an honest woman out of her?” Sudeikis continued, prompting applause and cheers from the audience. He added, “Taylor doesn’t need to be working anymore and, again, I know your kicker agrees with me. He gets it.” This remark alluded to a controversial commencement speech by Kansas City Chiefs kicker Harrison Butker, who suggested that most women are more excited about marriage and children than their careers.

Kelce, clearly embarrassed, responded with a smile and an awkward chuckle, hoping the moment would pass quickly.
Swift and Kelce began their relationship last summer, with the singer frequently seen supporting him at his games.

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